Are Some People Born To Achieve Success and Wealth Naturally? Are you Born to Blog?

are-you-born-for-successYesterday, as I was having an evening tea with a bunch of my friends, there is a certain question that was subjected out. We were talking and going through about the opportunities of making money online and how one can turn rich by successfully implementing values in it.

There was this certain question one of my friends raised. Why is it that with similar effort and system implemented, one could turn rich and the other still struggling to make a single penny?

Ever had the experience, back in high school where you have friends that played and joked all day but academically they achieved superbly. In the other hand, another friend of yours who is a diehard ‘bookworm’ – focused on the lecturer’s teachings like a hawk stalking its prey but come to the end of the day, result shows otherwise.

Are some people born for success? Are some people born to achieve richness? Are some people just born to be great in whatever they pursue?

I think this is great question because some people do seem like everything they do turns out great or successful while the rest of the crowd watches in envy and dreaming away.

There are these saying that goes:

“Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

“Success happens not by chance, but because you were given a chance and took advantage of it.” – Kevin Geary

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty ” – Winston Churchill

My side of the coin:-

I don’t think that certain people were born to be rich or successful. However, I do believe that these people that seem to always succeed and attain richness have developed a certain attribute that sets them apart from the rest. Such attribute by what I would like to refer to it as ‘Attitude’.

The attitude and mindset of one that succeed believes in being optimistic – when faced with a problem, tends to find the upside to the situation and starts figuring a way out, to solve the problem and turn it the other way around.

I certainly wasn’t born ‘successful’ or ‘rich’, but what I believe with ‘positive thinking’ and ‘positive attitude’, it will allow me to achieve so someday. Here’s a starting point you can start practising:

  • Practice your ‘positive thinking’ and inhibit it with ‘positive feelings’. Give yourself permission to think new thoughts and feel new feelings.
  • You can be an optimistic anyway and anyhow you want to attract wealth, success or greatness. No one can tell you how you should feel. Therefore, be optimistic. Expect the best out of life.

Success is earned, not won – as how we phrased richness is earned; not won.

When it comes to making money online, such distinction applies. No one is born to ‘make money online’, but how did they do so in such a short amount of time? Is this only ‘natural’ or that you fail to see the ‘optimistic effort and attitude’ that has been greatly implanted in times of difficult moments, trauma, loss and many challenges?

Are some people born to ‘blog’ for success? Are some people born to be good at Google Adsense?  Are some people just born to fail? Opportunity is defined wrong when you cultivate such mindset. Success will be hard to come by inevitably.

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” – Stephen R. Covey

Just yesterday, I had the ‘natural’ phenomenon of Monday Blues. Everything was really overturning itself and situation was rather bad. Not only did I allow my physical state down, I even led my emotion empty and exhausted. I didn’t ‘produce’ much yesterday because I choose to be ‘down’.

Not until I had the fruitful conversation with my friends that I realized I had wasted my day time being ‘pessimistic’.


Success and wealth is possible for anyone who is willing to achieve it. There are many who wants success and wealth but there is a huge difference from just wanting and committed to do so.

Your outlook and your inner state of mind determine success, opportunity and work. It plays a great role in determining the sort of outcome you want. If you play a play a passive role, so will your results be. If you aren’t achieving, the first person you should always look to is none other than yourself.

Our evening tea turns out to be quite a ‘debate’ as different mind thinks differently. There are some who believe in the faith of being born rich while the ‘opposing’ party resisted such ‘intolerable’ criteria. Nevertheless, I was able to finally distinguish between my friends from those who would someday make it big and the ones who will continue to put their future in the hands of ‘faith’.

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