Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations

Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is so designed to provide protection to businesses, individuals and organizations which are non-commercial, from injury claims or damages, which are legally liable. If the business you run is found to be liable for the injury incurred by a person of public or a client, PLI will cover all the claims made. Such claims are made when the injury inflicted is caused by the carelessness of the business.

Public Liability Insurance Offers Protection Against these Situations


Public liability insurance singapore offers protection against the all claims and injuries filed against your business by the plaintiff who can be a customer visiting your business or at the client’s work place.

The crux of PLI is protection against claims made by the customer. The need for compensation arises only when either you or your business is legally found at fault. All costs related to claims are covered by PLI, such as:

  • The cost of damage repair
  • Pay-outs made towards treatment of the injured party
  • All case related legal fees incurred
  • Any claims made by the injured such as ambulance cost, medication and hospitalization
  • Other claim related miscellaneous expenses

Tips on Public Liability Insurance

There are a few preventive measures that go a long way in saving your business from paying an exorbitant settlement:

  • Most damages are caused when the wrong equipment is used for a specific task. It is as simple as cross-checking whether you have the certified instrument in your premises.
  • Training of staff and volunteers can save every business from dealing with a law suit. Lack of training increases the probability of accidents.
  • When dealing with a third- party provider, it is crucial to keep them in the light of all activities undertaken by your company.
  • It is considered as a good practice to maintain a risk register. Identify places where risk can be minimized.
  • All activities must be commenced only when there is a license permitting to do so. Operating without a license or government certification is a crime in itself.
  • A log book of all the assets owned by the company must be maintained.
  • If you run a cafe which serves alcohol and food, be prepared for an increased premium.
  • Every time you host an event, compare prices of single event v/s annual cover.

For more information, get in touch with a specialist at Public Insurance Liability Singapore

The Importance Of Insuring Employees Working On Foreign Soil

Recruiting people from another country is no longer a big deal. With social media connectivity and the world getting smaller, the ease of finding talent across continents is a breeze. Learning about the culture of another country and exploring job opportunities is the wonders of employment. From the perspective of an employer, it is his duty as per law, to make very certain that all overseas employees are covered by foreign worker insurance . Here are a couple of reasons why this is essential for both the employer and the employee.

In case of an accident at work, even after working hours, employees in a foreign land, need to be able to get medical treatment. In case the injury is extremely severe making him incapable of completing his contract based on the extent of the damage, he must be permitted leave with pay or transported back to his country with suitable compensation.

Bilateral relation between nations requires that citizens be taken care of while at work, in another country. In the event that this does not pan out, the country may be able to take this up with higher authorities making life difficult for the company.

Travel insurance is a mandatory requisite primarily for professionals moving about from city to city or across oceans. While employed at the foreign country, the firm has to ensure that every person travelling has valid travel insurance. This is important in the event of a medical emergency while on the job, in another country.

Medical insurance though covered in accidental and travel insurance needs to be made available for employees. Every foreigner working, irrespective of hierarchy is entitled to have proper medical coverage while at work and during the duration of his work permit.

An employee who has not been covered with foreign worker insurance can sue the company for breach of contract. This can set the firm back considerably as any law favors the worker who has been wronged.

An employee who has joined a firm in a new country has to be capable of delivering on the job. From the company’s perspective, if the employee fails to deliver, they will have to relieve him of his duties. As per this basic, a firm may offer compensation with a reference for future employment.

The basis of working out a strategy that benefits the worker and the firm is to make sure that all parties involved are safe. Read up on the website that gives you a bird’s eye view about the insurance industry.

How do performance bonds work

A performance bond provides a security to an obligee in a project. During a project, a contractor obtains the bond, which acts as a guarantee that the work will be furnished by adhering to all agreed terms and conditions specified by the client.

A performance bond typically involves three parties, viz., the principal party or the contractor, the obligee who is protected under the bond, and the surety provider who issues the bond.

When the obligee, also called the employer demands the performance bond prior to a project from the contractor, it essentially implies that the obligee wants a security that there will be no violation to the terms and conditions and set guidelines. Apart from structural guidelines, which include design and description of the project, the bond also ensures that the contractor will work within the budget and finish the work within the stipulated time.

If the contractor finishes the work without violating any of the terms and conditions, then the performance bond becomes ineffective and has no further significance. However, if the contractor fails to meet the guidelines and that results in a loss for the owner, the surety company will compensate, either by paying for the financial losses or by hiring another contractor, and will ensure that the job is completed.

Performance bond Singapore ensures that the financial standing of the contractor has been evaluated so that the contractor doesn’t declare insolvency in between the project. The surety company will analyze financial statements, cash flow, working capital, and net worth to prequalify the contractor. It also scrutinizes prior works undertaken by the contractor and their completion status, equipments and human resource required to execute the project, and also verify the contractor’s relations with suppliers, project owners, and everyone else associated with projects.

A performance bond is not an insurance, it’s a three-party agreement that a project will be completed as per the contract documents, and in the event of a violation of terms and conditions, surety company steps in to ensure that it doesn’t impact the project.

It is advisable that the contract details and the terms and conditions are specified clearly prior to the commencement of the project, and the responsibility, understandably, lies with the owner to furnish the details of the project so that the surety company can evaluate every aspect correctly.

Performance bond Singapore, in short, is a protection for an obligee against any default by the contractor and it also helps the contractor obtain a project.

Benefits Of A Voyage Policy

The coverage of losses while at sea due to circumstances that are beyond your control is termed as voyage insurance. In the import-export trade, this form of a business arrangement is very essential. Let’s look at some of the benefits of marine insurance, which is like any other form of insurance with a slight difference. You can say that it is a tossup between home and auto insurance.

  • Protection rights of the ship owner are factored into and an imperative should the vessel collide with another, in case of an oil spill, fire and any damage or loss to life and cargo.
  • Hull insurance has two policy forms – the Open Perils policy which covers almost all external risks. The few that may not factor under the cover is ice or aging of the vessel. The Named Perils policy covers specific perils such as piracy and bad weather conditions.
  • Hull insurance is a preventive measure that encapsulates repairs and prevention of future damage to the vessel. If required, the ship owner may request for non-sea-related add-ons, which requires an additional premium.
  • Cargo insurance covers any loss or damage to goods while in transit as a single shipment or multiple shipments.
  • It is extremely necessary to read the fine print while going in for cargo insurance. Read about geographical restrictions prior to signing on the dotted line.

The different types of voyage insurance therefore cover:

  • Freight insurance – protects the merchant vessel should the cargo be damaged. This can occur while shuttling cargo from one location to the next.
  • The port risk policy ensures that the ship is safe while docked at port. This is essential should an unprecedented event occur.
  • The liability insurance cover is a requisite should the ship crash.

The point of opting for marine insurance is to make sure that the vessel and the cargo is taken care of at all times. Accidents do occur from time to time, and while the premium may be relatively large, it is foolhardy not to be insured. The fundamentals of a contract are to ensure that there is no breach. If there is (a breach), the breached party is entitled to claim damages. The basic advantage of an insurance policy is to make sure that you are covered. Without this basic umbrella, one can lose out big time. By paying the premiums in time and not ignoring the essentials, one can be safe not sorry.

What Is Commercial Insurance? What Are Its Benefits?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that helps provide protection to businesses against losses, damage, and destruction. It includes protection provided to employees of the business such as the workmen’s compensation act and personal liability insurance. There are various types of commercial insurance for different types of businesses and companies so depending on what type of business you have or run you can choose a suitable insurance policy accordingly.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular types of commercial insurance available –

  1. Engineering insurance – engineering insurance provides complete protection to buildings that are undergoing construction and covers all risks related to contractors and erection. It indemnifies or compensates any losses incurred by a building or engineering project while a building is being erected. It covers all kinds of risks associated with the construction of a building and any kind of erection work for a certain period of time on the payment of periodical premiums that the building developers, contractors or engineers will pay to the particular insurance company. It covers any damage or loss to the property as well as third party liability for property damage or injury to the body caused accidentally during the erection or construction of a building. It will not, however, cover the risk of loss or damage caused due to events that are not mentioned as per the terms of the engineering insurance contract.
  1. Property insurance – it is basically the insurance provided to a building or property once it is fully constructed and operating. It covers any risk of damage caused to the building, including renovation costs, the cost of furniture and fittings, stocks, plant and machinery and other components and properties of the building that are liable to loss or damage. The loss or damage should arise from either natural causes like fire, lighting or impact damage such as water, explosion damage. It includes loss caused by maliciousness, strikes, riots and earthquakes. You can add more risks to be covered in your insurance policy. Property insurance is of four kinds – money insurance, plate glass insurance, burglary insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Advantages of having commercial insurance:

It covers all kinds of natural and manmade risks associated with any kind of property or commercial business. It covers a wide range of properties including the employees working in the particular business or organization.

It also includes the liability of directors and officers working in a large business organization or multinational company in addition to their personal life insurance policies. Foreign worker medical insurance is also covered by commercial insurance.

Allegiance is an insurance company in Singapore that provides all kinds of commercial insurance including professional indemnity insurance in Singapore.

Are Some People Born To Achieve Success and Wealth Naturally? Are you Born to Blog?

are-you-born-for-successYesterday, as I was having an evening tea with a bunch of my friends, there is a certain question that was subjected out. We were talking and going through about the opportunities of making money online and how one can turn rich by successfully implementing values in it.

There was this certain question one of my friends raised. Why is it that with similar effort and system implemented, one could turn rich and the other still struggling to make a single penny?

Ever had the experience, back in high school where you have friends that played and joked all day but academically they achieved superbly. In the other hand, another friend of yours who is a diehard ‘bookworm’ – focused on the lecturer’s teachings like a hawk stalking its prey but come to the end of the day, result shows otherwise.

Are some people born for success? Are some people born to achieve richness? Are some people just born to be great in whatever they pursue?

I think this is great question because some people do seem like everything they do turns out great or successful while the rest of the crowd watches in envy and dreaming away.

There are these saying that goes:

“Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”

“Success happens not by chance, but because you were given a chance and took advantage of it.” – Kevin Geary

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty ” – Winston Churchill

My side of the coin:-

I don’t think that certain people were born to be rich or successful. However, I do believe that these people that seem to always succeed and attain richness have developed a certain attribute that sets them apart from the rest. Such attribute by what I would like to refer to it as ‘Attitude’.

The attitude and mindset of one that succeed believes in being optimistic – when faced with a problem, tends to find the upside to the situation and starts figuring a way out, to solve the problem and turn it the other way around.

I certainly wasn’t born ‘successful’ or ‘rich’, but what I believe with ‘positive thinking’ and ‘positive attitude’, it will allow me to achieve so someday. Here’s a starting point you can start practising:

  • Practice your ‘positive thinking’ and inhibit it with ‘positive feelings’. Give yourself permission to think new thoughts and feel new feelings.
  • You can be an optimistic anyway and anyhow you want to attract wealth, success or greatness. No one can tell you how you should feel. Therefore, be optimistic. Expect the best out of life.

Success is earned, not won – as how we phrased richness is earned; not won.

When it comes to making money online, such distinction applies. No one is born to ‘make money online’, but how did they do so in such a short amount of time? Is this only ‘natural’ or that you fail to see the ‘optimistic effort and attitude’ that has been greatly implanted in times of difficult moments, trauma, loss and many challenges?

Are some people born to ‘blog’ for success? Are some people born to be good at Google Adsense?  Are some people just born to fail? Opportunity is defined wrong when you cultivate such mindset. Success will be hard to come by inevitably.

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” – Stephen R. Covey

Just yesterday, I had the ‘natural’ phenomenon of Monday Blues. Everything was really overturning itself and situation was rather bad. Not only did I allow my physical state down, I even led my emotion empty and exhausted. I didn’t ‘produce’ much yesterday because I choose to be ‘down’.

Not until I had the fruitful conversation with my friends that I realized I had wasted my day time being ‘pessimistic’.


Success and wealth is possible for anyone who is willing to achieve it. There are many who wants success and wealth but there is a huge difference from just wanting and committed to do so.

Your outlook and your inner state of mind determine success, opportunity and work. It plays a great role in determining the sort of outcome you want. If you play a play a passive role, so will your results be. If you aren’t achieving, the first person you should always look to is none other than yourself.

Our evening tea turns out to be quite a ‘debate’ as different mind thinks differently. There are some who believe in the faith of being born rich while the ‘opposing’ party resisted such ‘intolerable’ criteria. Nevertheless, I was able to finally distinguish between my friends from those who would someday make it big and the ones who will continue to put their future in the hands of ‘faith’.

Homework That You’ve To Do Before Buying Any Product

buying-onlineHere is the truth: You might be able to succeed in a niche or field with just free information, but it has limitations. If you want to become a true expert and become a very successful guru, you need to get paid information (purchase products).

If you’re really serious in the particular niche, I’m sure you have ever considered buying some products from other gurus. You’ve also join many gurus’ lists, and they’ve promote tons and tons of products to you.

It doesn’t mean that they’re promoting crap things to you. They won’t promote rubbish to you. They will always promote good products. Although they are really good, bear in mind that not every product suits you. So you need to do some homework before buying a product that suits you.

1. Read The Sales Letter

Yes, this is the single most important step. From the sales letter, you can know what you’ll be getting from that product. Make sure the information can satisfy your needs. This is the most important thing.

2. Search For Reviews

We’ve Google now. It’s very easy to search for reviews of the product that you want to buy. Just type the product name follows with “review” and hit the search button. However, some of those reviews are useless. They just simply write an “overview” and claim it as a review. They just want to promote the product in that way. In fact, you’ve to find reviews that written by people who have bought the product, applied and used the information and have benefited from the product. See what outcomes they’ve got. Most probably you can find those reviews in blogs and forums.

Another great way would be asking for reviews in forums. At times, you might not be able to find those kinds of reviews, but you can create a forum post and ask for comments and opinions from those who have purchased the product.

3. Join The Merchant’s List

Normally, a professional product merchant will build 3 lists with a product:

  • Freebie List (Some freebies (Leaked chapters, introductory manual and etc…) are offered so that potential customers can grab and view before buying the product.)
  • Customer List (This is the list that all the customers will join after purchasing the actual paid product.)
  • Affiliate List (This is the list that affiliates who want to promote this product will join. Merchants will provide all the needed tools and training to their affiliates.)

What you need to so is joining the freebie list of that merchant. An optin form will normally float or pop-out while you visit the sales page, or it’s placed on top of the sales page. Join the list, get the freebie and read the follow-up emails that the merchant will be sending you.

From the freebie, you can actually figure out the quality of the paid product. A good and professional merchant will give out informative and beneficial stuff in the freebie. You can try out the information given in the freebie and see the outcomes that you’ll get.

4. Find More About The Merchant

Does the merchant have any blog? What the merchant has done in the past? Find them out. This research can be held easily. Type the merchant’s name in Google and you can find them out. They might have submitted articles to article directories. Read some of them. If the merchant has a blog, have a look at it. You’ve to make sure that the merchant is really good and experienced in that niche.

After doing the 4 steps above, you can already tell yourself, whether the product is a good product or not, and whether it suits you. Only buy the product if the product gives you the information that you’re finding.

Are You a Victim of Computer Vision Syndrome? You Want To Keep Your Eye balls Healthy?


I believe many of you whom are reading this uses computer 2 hours a day. I myself is one of them and I may be a victim of Computer Vision Syndrome ( CVS ).  When it comes to ‘making money online’, and I understand the fact that how one can go about blogging the whole day, you should never neglect on what that may not be significant to you at the moment – your health; your eye balls.  Long hours infront of computer can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, dry or irritated eyes.

Let me bring you away from the topic of ‘internet marketing’ today. You could be making millions but without proper health, nothing really matters anymore.

Reason of eye strains due to computers

There are significantly many reasons to why eye strains are caused due to computers. Here are some of the more serious causes. See if any fits?

  1. Computer users have a fixed posture which keeps the upper body fixed for a long period of time.
  2. The eye muscles do not get much opportunity to move. The shoulders are kept at a fixed place which affects the eyes as well.
  3. Overhead office lights and other light sources falling on the computer screen causes glares. These glares have an adverse effect on your eye pupils.
  4. In general a person blinks 15-20 times a minute. But when you are working in the computer the blink rate reduces to 5-10 times per minute due to continuous staring and concentration. In the absence of adequate blinking eyes become dry and irritated.
  5. Working too much on computers at night might affect your sleep as well.

Get right to the bottom of the source – your workstation

Your environment plays a very important part in reducing the amount of eye strains. Pay close attention to these attributes and you could decrease any kind of physical stress and strains when working in front of a computer.

Do you have adequate lighting?

When we do not provide enough light for the eyes to do their job, we are adding additional and unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Keeping your monitors below eye level

The monitor should be ideally placed 5 to 9 inches below eye level. This causes your eyelids downward thus maintaining a healthier blink rate. Adjust the height of your seat: for best results adjust the seat of the computer chair so that the middle of the computer screen is 20 degrees below eye level.

Screen distant an monitor position

The screen should be placed at a minimum distance of 16-20 inches from the eye. There should not be any light source behind or in front of your monitors. So position the monitors such that the room windows fall in the side rather than back or front.

Laptop users

Rest your backbone against a wall if you are using your laptop from your bed. Otherwise overtime you will lean towards the computer which is harmful both for your eyes and spine.

Exercise you can try working out on to reduce eye strain

20-20-20 Rule of Blinking

After every 20 minutes of looking into the computer screen, look at any object placed at least 20 feet away. Try and blink your eyes for 20 times in succession, to moisten them. If possible, walk 20 paces after every 20 minutes of sitting in one particular posture. Helps blood circulation for the entire body.

Blinking creates an even film of tears on the eye surface that keeps the eye moist. So you should blink very often.

Rotate the Eyeballs

While you keep your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs both clockwise and anticlockwise and take a deep breath. Gradually open your eyes while releasing your breath. Continue this exercise for a minute or two. You can repeat it three times before getting back to work.” it serves as a good workout for the eyes

Look At Distant Objects

Look at distant objects for every 5 minutes in an hour. This changes the focal length of your eyes. If you are inside your office a better option would be to go out in the lobby or balcony

Getting Enough Sleep

A good night sleep is the best possible exercise for your eyes. Without proper sleep (especially at nights) your eyes will always feel tired. So try to sleep early, at least before midnights.

Inevitably, there are many aspects of proper health precautions you should take when you are constantly working in front of the computer. Not only reducing the pressure you put onto your eyes, take notice of your postures and do not neglect the importance of meeting the necessary healthy daily intakes in your body – i.e. drinking enough water.

Keep yourself healthy, eventually you will work in a much more productive environment thus increasing the amount of positive result.