Did you know pain relief patches work like magic

Did you know that relief patches can work like magic?
People who suffer from chronic muscle pain can rejoice now, PIP pain relief patch is here to give you instant pain relief. The magnetic patch comes in 2 variants, strong and extra strong which you can use depending on the amount of pain you are in. The strong version has a magnetic flux density of 1300 gauss (G) and the extra strong one for extreme cases has a magnetic flux density of 1900 gauss (G).
The patches are odourless and blend into the skin very well while being portable and easy to carry. They are comfortable and do not cause any skin rashes. It is comforting to know that the patches do not have to be taken off while exercising or taking a shower for up to 2-5 days as they are resistant to being detached with water.
Pip pain relief patches are natural and do not contain any drugs. People concerned about the safety of magnetic patches can rest assured as magnet therapy has been in use for centuries. Magnet therapy increases blood flow which speeds up tissue recovery, great for post workout recovery.
A study conducted by a sceptical Dr. Vallbona in November 1997 points towards magnet therapy being viable. Dr Valbona studied 50 post polio patients with painful arthritic joints. He gave active and inactive magnets randomly to participants to strap onto their painful trigger points. When 45 minutes had passed, 76 percent of the active magnet patients reported pain relief while 19 percent of the inactive group reported less pain. These results are very convincing of the results of magnet therapy.
Pip pain relief patches work differently for everyone. For some people they work within minutes and for other people it works within a couple of weeks. Pain relief patches are great at treating lingering sports injuries. Common sports injuries are hurt knees and wrists, a good way to treat them would be to use a pain relief patch. The other benefits of pain relief patches are less stiffness in the joints and muscles, reduced allergy symptoms, more restful sleep, fewer headaches and a feeling of well being. Magnetic treatment has also been used to treat depression with promising results.
With worldwide industry total sales in excess of over a billion dollars each year, it is easy to see that magnetic therapy is widely accepted by many people who continue using it for pain relief.

You Should Ask These Questions before Purchasing Marine Insurance

You Should Ask These Questions before Purchasing Marine Insurance
Irrespective of whether you plan to shop for a new marine insurance policy or contemplating to change your insurer, you need to ask certain important questions to the insurance agent. The responses can inform you whether your future or new insurance policy is worth it or worthless.
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1. When can you claim and to what extent you will get help?
Here are 2 different ways an insurer can handle a claim. These are known as �hands-on� an �hands-off�. Typically, a �hands-off� insurer opines that you as a policyholder should be doing all the work. Thus, you may have to look for a barge, a trucking service, salvor, and crane company before seeking for reimbursement. On the other hand, a �hands-on� insurer is ideally a specialty marine insurance provider. It has round the clock access to such services. Such an insurer can sensibly negotiate pricing and recruit and pay the relevant contractors on behalf of you. They can also coordinate to�handle the repairs on your behalf.
2. Can you be certain to stay out of harm?
You should try to find out a marine insurance policy, which provides round the clock teams to handle emergency claims. Such teams should be immediately able to offer the necessary resources to prevent further damage. Plus, if you stay in a hurricane zone, there are policies that pay a captain so that it can be moved to a hurricane hole. Alternatively, they share the haul-out costs so that your vessel can be shifted to a higher ground.
3. Will the policy take care of �consequential damage� coverage?
As far as the field of marine insurance and boat insurance are concerned, catastrophic losses include incidents of fire, explosion, sinking, demasting, collision or stranding. These are known as �consequences�. A good marine insurance policy will provide coverage for the above-mentioned catastrophes. On the other hand, when you do not have coverage for �consequential damage� in your insurance policy, the insurer can say that almost all incidents of sinking or fire are disqualified for coverage as they occurred due to �wear and tear�.
4. Will you get any type of discounts or rewards during the course of the policy?
Any smart policy ideally credits you when you have not filed for claims. It rewards you with certain benefits like diminishing deductibles. Such a reward reduces your deductible amount for all those years you did not file any claim. You could be also declared eligible for certain savings or discount for attending certain training or education programs.
To know more about Allegiance Marine Insurance Singapore get in touch with the experts today.

Which Kind of Therapeutic Magnet Should You Use

Which Kind of Therapeutic Magnet Should You Use

Another thing that may have helped to the advancement of magnetic therapy in the market is the ability of the scientists and entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate. They have turned an odd device into something more convenient and household-friendly product. Second, magnetic therapy offers good opportunities for those who want to enter both entrepreneurship and alternative medicine field. Gone are the days of travelling to doctor’s clinic to undergo magnetic therapy because it is now handy and can even be worn as fashion accessories.
If you are looking for pain relief via magnetic therapy, look for PIP Singapore. They are Japan’s #1 Magneto-therapeutic Device and are one of the most established magnetic therapy. Check out their site today.

This works successfully for those who have experienced the healing power of magnet because they have enough confident to offer such to other people. An article from Gulf News Health has shared to us the experience of a long-term user of magnetic therapy.

New Attraction: Magnetic alternatives

From bio-magnetic mattress pads, quilts and pillows to necklaces, bracelets, medical plasters, knee bands and belts, the array of products to treat various symptoms is exhaustive. “The magnetic mattress pad and quilt works for various issues from high blood pressure and viscosity to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis…” Know more about her experience here

There is really no specific place to find therapeutic magnets because it is available to almost anywhere in the world. Or if not, international shipments from other countries are easily made today.  The question left is, which kind of therapeutic magnet should you use based on your condition? Well, the first thing to do is to consult a physician about the pain and ask him whether you’ll need a medication or magnetic therapies can do. However, taking painkillers has immediate effects on the body especially to the liver, kidney and the heart. It is best to choose the latter but beware which ones will work for you.

Therapeutic magnets are largely used in Japan even before. Now, Japanese people are observably has a tool for everything like beauty tools, a round keyboard, and many others. They are also the pioneers in making instant foods—noodles, rice, and other side dishes. In terms of innovation of the magnetic therapy, Japanese people have their own share.

Let us find out in an article from Takaski.

Introduction to Japanese Pain Relief Patches

The moment I felt the slightest pain in my shoulders, my favorite massage parlor was only 50 meters away. Here in Tokyo, I could only dream of doing that. Instead, I’ve become addicted to Japanese pain relief patches or shippu (??) in Japanese. Diamond maybe a girl’s best friend, but shippu is every computer worker’s life savior. Read more here

Our body cells regenerate when we sleep at night between 10pm-4am and it only works when we are in a deep, comfortable sleep. Even if you want to be under magnetic therapy 24/7, you can’t just wear a magnetic jewelry to bed such as necklace and bracelets because it could break or whatsoever. Fortunately, there is now magnetic therapy products designed for sleeping. This type of magnetic therapy makes larger impact than those we do only when needed because our body is being repaired without us minding. You are able to fully relax, and drift into a night-long sleep without thinking that you have something on your body.

For the last article from Healthynewage magazine, let’s take a look on these products.

Magnetic Bedding, Mattress Pads, and Pillows

You can use a magnetic pad on any area of your body where you would like to address discomfort or to improve your circulation. It is easy to use by placing the magnetic pad under your pillow at night for a deep rejuvenating sleep. You can also use the pad for back pain by placing behind your back. Read more here

As you can see, there are a whole lot of products made from therapeutic magnets today and majority of them satisfied the long-term craving for a chronic pain reliever. These products, of course, depend on how much you need the therapy. If it is just an occurring pain from fatigue or a minor injury like sprain, then relief patches will work well enough for you. However, if the pain is chronic and is affecting your factuality in everyday chores, then you can use the magnetic beddings, mattress pads and belts.

The benefits can also be different from one device from another and the best results can be seen when applied properly. Taking good care of the products you use guarantee a consistent positive effects because it is not lost through time. Although magnets react to computers, chip activated cards, coins and mobile devices so might as well be mindful of—or keep the magnets away from those. The rest of the story is the consumers to tell because they are the ones who have experienced and enjoyed the benefits.

What goes into maintaining a yacht

What Goes Into Maintaining A Yacht?
Most people are unaware of the amount of maintenance, that a yacht requires on a periodic basis. There is no substitute for periodic yacht maintenance. Fortunately for the yacht owners, there is no dearth of yacht management firms which take care of these things at reasonable costs. Obviously, a well maintained yacht is more likely to get a decent resale price, in comparison to an averagely maintained yacht. Yacht maintenance is so crucial that, most marine insurance companies will deny insurance to yachts unless they are seaworthy. Just like the yachts vary in many aspects, the range of premiums for the insurance of yachts varies with several factors.
If you are looking for marine insurance in Singapore, you should consider Allegiance Marine Insurance. They cover both Marine Cargo and Marine Hull insurances. You should definitely look them up above if you are serious about protecting your marine goods or properties.
In this article we shall discuss, what goes into maintaining a yacht.
Prevention is better than cureThe only sure-fire to maintain yachts economically, is by scheduling cleanups regularly. Considering the corrosive nature of seawater and relative high humidity, the potential for systems in the yacht malfunctioning is extremely high. Preventive maintenance costs are always cheaper than repair works. It is absolutely crucial, that the yachts are maintained as its manufacturer has directed it. A good number of yachts have special needs like quality wax polishes and interior cleanses. Yacht maintenance involves keeping tabs on all the hidden systems of yachts and not just the exteriors. Everything from the detailing to the internal wiring needs to be periodically checked, so that untoward yachting accidents can be kept at bay. Another thing about yacht maintenance that is frequently ignored is the hull cleaning. The antifouling cover status needs to be thoroughly checked on the yachts, every now and then. While the underwater hull washing is pricey, it is one of those things which cannot be postponed for long in yacht maintenance,
Yacht paperwork�sWhile maintaining the management records of yachts is entirely optional, if done regularly, it will ensure that the yacht fetches a decent resale price when it is sold or mortgaged. Yacht management records also come in handy during upgradation of yacht amenities. Most yacht management firms take care of this aspect for yachts under their care, so yacht owners need not have it done explicitly. Yacht owners can request these records from the yacht management firms whenever they want. Fortunately yacht management firms are surprisingly affordable. A lot of yacht upgrades can even be purchased from them, as they are more likely to offer better deals to the yachts already under their care. Due to this, owning a yacht has never been simpler.

Chemistry: How Could You Effectively Study Chemistry?

In school, we have different subjects to learn and some of these are math, science, English, and history. When talking about science, there are also different branches of science that are being discussed in class, and today we are going to focus on chemistry. Chemistry is a difficult subject and not all students want it. In this article, we are going to tell you about study tips that will make learning chemistry easier.
If you are looking for a Chemistry tuition centre for A’ Levels, you can try Advo Education Centre that offers quality A Level Chemistry tuition. They feature ex-MOE teachers and have a wealth of prior teaching experience. If you need help for these subjects urgently, they also have subject-focused intensive courses to help you improve quickly and effectively. If you are serious about improving your grades, you should check out their site here: http://www.myadvocators.com

To start, Anne Marie Helmenstine will share to us some study tips for chemistry in her article below.
Chemistry Study Tips
Studying chemistry can be stressful and feel overwhelming. There is no magic formula for learning chemistry, but you can develop an effective strategy for success. Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college, these simple steps will get you on the right track. Basically it involves not getting behind, doing your own work, and not psyching yourself out:

Don’t procrastinate!
Cramming does not equal learning. If you wait until the night before a test to start studying you will suffer, your grades will suffer, etc. Chemistry problems take time to work. Chemistry concepts take time to master. 

Don’t Procrastinate
It’s worth repeating! In chemistry you build from one concept onto the next. You need a solid knowledge base to progress. Read more here.

There are seven helpful tips given above that could really help us in studying chemistry. It says that we should try using highlighters, flashcards, and many others. We should really make use of our resources. Now, we are going to give you survival tips specifically for studying organic chemistry. Let us read in Anne Marie Helmenstine’s article below.
Organic Chemistry Survival Tips
Organic chemistry is often considered the hardest chemistry class. It’s not that it’s impossibly complicated, but there is a lot to absorb, in both the lab and classroom, plus you can expect to do some memorization to succeed at exam time. If you’re taking o-chem, don’t stress! Here are survival tips to help you learn the material and succeed in the class.
1) Choose How To Take Organic Chemistry
Are you more of a mental sprinter or is distance running your style?
Most school offer organic chemistry one of two ways. You can take the year-long course, broken into Organic I and Organic II. This is a good choice if you need time to digest and learn material or master lab protocols. It’s a good choice if you tend to ask a lot of questions, because your instructor will be able to take the time to answer them. Your other option is to take organic over the summer. You get the whole shebang in 6-7 weeks, sometimes with a break in the middle and sometimes straight through, start to finish. If you’re more of a cramming, run-to-the-finish type of student, this may be the way to go. You know your study style and level of self-discipline better than anyone else. Choose the learning method that works for you. Read more here.
Those tips are actually also applicable in all disciplines. One important tip given above is that we should understand, not just memorize. It is true that we will better get a good grasp of something if we know how it is done rather than just memorizing. Next, we are going to read an article by Isaiah Zhao which will tell us how we could score A for A-level H2 chem.
How to score A for A-level H2 Chem
With less than 2 months to the A-levels and the less than stellar grades students tend to receive during their JC days for Chemistry, it is no wonder that many are desperate to see their grades for Chemistry improve in the shortest period of time. Many turn to centres offering crash course programmes in a last-ditch attempt to ‘pull up’ their grades; others even somewhat resigned to the status quo at this point. Yet, the silver lining is that even with merely 2 more months, there is still hope for failing students to actually obtain an A for Chem. As unbelievable as it sounds, here are some actionable tips with regards to how you can do so.
Magic is in the practise papers
As mentioned in the post on how students should manage their time for the A-levels, the activity with the highest return of investment of time is doing practise papers. Chemistry is not the exception but perhaps the most applicable to this rule. For such a heady subject, similar to that of Mathematics, all topics would be tested and there is even an exhaustive question type list that covers more than 80% of the paper. By mastering the list of question types that would be tested, one would have mastered more than 80% of the paper. The first step to an A grade would be to spot all these common question types. Take for instance two examples of the most commonly asked questions on Chemical Energetics and Ideal Gases in the examination.Read more here.
            Practice really makes perfect. Practicing to solve questions and equation will help us master solutions. It will greatly help students study chemistry successfully. We should remember that plain reading would not be as effective as applying what you have learned. We have given you enough study skills above that will all help you in making your understanding of chemistry better. Share this to your schoolmates so you could all have an easier study of chemistry.

Top Reasons to Go For an Online Appointment System

An online appointment system is referred to by various names such as online scheduler, online booking application, and online scheduling software. It is basically web-based software, which enables people to securely and conveniently book their reservations and appointment online using any device connected to the web like a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or a computer. A healthcare facility can benefit immensely by implementing an online appointment system.
For a good online appointment system, you should consider ATT Systems Online Appointment System. Their system can capture bookings at any time and remind clients not to have No Show bookings. If you are looking to purchase an Online Appointment System do check out their site above.

There is usually a button with the label “book now” available on a URL, webpage or a portal link supplied to the clients by a wellness, healthcare or medical facility. After the client has selected a time and a date, the booking gets automatically confirmed by the system and is recorded within the system. There is no need for any kind of human intervention.
Here are some of the top reasons to opt for an online appointment system
1. Ease of departmental co-ordination
The cloud-management technology is applicable to many fields apart from technology. Healthcare is a prominent one among them If a medical facility uses a cloud-based model for an online appointment of doctors as well information management, it will enable many departments or users to make contributions to a single database thus simplifying coordination and making sure that all clinic/hospital data is up-to-date.
2. Business can become paperless
When a doctor’s clinic or a hospital migrates towards a digital management solution, they get freedom from the chores of storing and preserving paper documents and can enjoy more leisure time. All these important reports and document can be first scanned and subsequently stored online. The methodology helps in searching and retrieving the required records much faster. Plus, data stored in digital form is not under the threat of wear and tear that the paper-based records have to face as time passes.
3. Increased operational efficiency
When a clinic or a hospital implements an online appointment system, its overall efficiency in terms of operation gets a big boost. The reason for this is the system is able to save the tremendous amount of time that would otherwise go to search through the document to retrieve the desired prescriptions, bills, and patient records. Inventory and account maintenance within a healthcare facility add up to further merits of the online scheduler. In a nutshell, there is a significant reduction in the clinic’s operating troubles so that the practitioners can focus more on delivering quality healthcare instead of getting bothered in mundane management tasks.

The Leading Providers of Corporate Insurance in Singapore

A liability claim can not only cause a severe strain on a companys finances but also lead to bankruptcy. As a result, it is essential that organisations, both big and small, have a safety net to cover the costs incurred in such claims. Corporate insurance provides that safety net which can alleviate the financial difficulties caused by a liability claim.
Let us look at the variety of risks where corporate insurance can cover any claim for compensation.
Public Liability Insurance
Any business that interacts with the public like a restaurant or a shopping mall has a public liability risk. An accident involving a customer can result in an expensive claim for medical expenses. Public liability insurance covers all expenses incurred by your employees and representatives while interacting with the public.
Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA)
The Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA) in Singapore guarantees compensation for employees from injuries and illnesses that occur while working and as a consequence of work thanks to contractors all risk insurance singapore . According to Section 23 of the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), it is compulsory for an employer to have a Work Injury Compensation policy that protects employers from liabilities that occur due to worker injury and illness.
Product Liability Insurance
Liability claims that occur because of defective products are covered by Product Liability Insurance.
Professional Liability Insurance
While providing services to clients, your employees can cause damage to property and equipment belonging to your client. Professional Liability Insurance covers any expenses that occur while providing professional services to clients.
Other forms of corporate insurance include Property Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance. While the former covers any damage to property and equipment owned by the company the latter covers any damages to vehicles used in any commercial activity.
The rest of this article will describe the top corporate insurance companies in Singapore.
AIA Singapore
Established in Shanghai in 1919, AIA has a robust presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region. AIA is also the largest listed company on the Honk Kong Stock Exchange. By focussing exclusively on the Asia-Pacific region, this company has devised a business strategy according to the unique requirements of markets in this region.
Zurich Insurance Singapore
Established in 1872 with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich Insurance Group established operations in Singapore in 2006. Owing to its rich expertise in providing insurance solutions for many decades, this company offers the entire gamut of insurance options to its corporate clients. Along with product liability insurance, public liability insurance and general liability insurance, Zurich Insurance offers a variety of solutions tailor made for certain industries. A few of them are listed below.
For the Unique requirements of the energy industry, Zurich Insurance provides Onshore Property Coverage as well as Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Coverage in the Energy Industry.
In the Marine Industry, Zurich Insurance provides Marine Cargo Insurance and Marine Delay in Start-up Insurance. While the former offers compensation for damaged and lost cargo, the latter covers losses incurred when shipments are delayed.
Owing to the significant level of risk of an accident involving the public, Zurich Insurance offers a public liability insurance solution specifically designed for the construction industry.
Great Eastern Life
Started in 1908, Great Eastern Life Assurance has the largest customer base in Singapore and Malaysia. With over a century of experience protecting not only the lives and health but also the property and the valuables of its customers, Great Eastern has established a reputation for excellence. A few of the wide range of services developed by Great Eastern for corporates are listed below.
Wellness Programmes to help your employees improve their fitness and health.
Portable medical benefits that can be transferred when your employee leaves your company or retires.
Property protection and Workplace Injury Liability Protection.

Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations

Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations
Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is so designed to provide protection to businesses, individuals and organizations which are non-commercial, from injury claims or damages, which are legally liable. If the business you run is found to be liable for the injury incurred by a person of public or a client, PLI will cover all the claims made. Such claims are made when the injury inflicted is caused by the carelessness of the business.
Public Liability Insurance Offers Protection Against these Situations
Public liability insurance singapore offers protection against the all claims and injuries filed against your business by the plaintiff who can be a customer visiting your business or at the client’s work place.
The crux of PLI is protection against claims made by the customer. The need for compensation arises only when either you or your business is legally found at fault. All costs related to claims are covered by PLI, such as:

The cost of damage repair
Pay-outs made towards treatment of the injured party
All case related legal fees incurred
Any claims made by the injured such as ambulance cost, medication and hospitalization
Other claim related miscellaneous expenses

Tips on Public Liability Insurance
There are a few preventive measures that go a long way in saving your business from paying an exorbitant settlement:

Most damages are caused when the wrong equipment is used for a specific task. It is as simple as cross-checking whether you have the certified instrument in your premises.
Training of staff and volunteers can save every business from dealing with a law suit. Lack of training increases the probability of accidents.
When dealing with a third- party provider, it is crucial to keep them in the light of all activities undertaken by your company.
It is considered as a good practice to maintain a risk register. Identify places where risk can be minimized.
All activities must be commenced only when there is a license permitting to do so. Operating without a license or government certification is a crime in itself.
A log book of all the assets owned by the company must be maintained.
If you run a cafe which serves alcohol and food, be prepared for an increased premium.
Every time you host an event, compare prices of single event v/s annual cover.

For more information, get in touch with a specialist at Public Insurance Liability Singapore

The Importance Of Insuring Employees Working On Foreign Soil

Recruiting people from another country is no longer a big deal. With social media connectivity and the world getting smaller, the ease of finding talent across continents is a breeze. Learning about the culture of another country and exploring job opportunities is the wonders of employment. From the perspective of an employer, it is his duty as per law, to make very certain that all overseas employees are covered by foreign worker insurance . Here are a couple of reasons why this is essential for both the employer and the employee.
In case of an accident at work, even after working hours, employees in a foreign land, need to be able to get medical treatment. In case the injury is extremely severe making him incapable of completing his contract based on the extent of the damage, he must be permitted leave with pay or transported back to his country with suitable compensation.
Bilateral relation between nations requires that citizens be taken care of while at work, in another country. In the event that this does not pan out, the country may be able to take this up with higher authorities making life difficult for the company.
Travel insurance is a mandatory requisite primarily for professionals moving about from city to city or across oceans. While employed at the foreign country, the firm has to ensure that every person travelling has valid travel insurance. This is important in the event of a medical emergency while on the job, in another country.
Medical insurance though covered in accidental and travel insurance needs to be made available for employees. Every foreigner working, irrespective of hierarchy is entitled to have proper medical coverage while at work and during the duration of his work permit.
An employee who has not been covered with foreign worker insurance can sue the company for breach of contract. This can set the firm back considerably as any law favors the worker who has been wronged.
An employee who has joined a firm in a new country has to be capable of delivering on the job. From the company’s perspective, if the employee fails to deliver, they will have to relieve him of his duties. As per this basic, a firm may offer compensation with a reference for future employment.
The basis of working out a strategy that benefits the worker and the firm is to make sure that all parties involved are safe. Read up on the website http://allegiance.com.sg/ that gives you a bird’s eye view about the insurance industry.

How do performance bonds work

A performance bond provides a security to an obligee in a project. During a project, a contractor obtains the bond, which acts as a guarantee that the work will be furnished by adhering to all agreed terms and conditions specified by the client.
A performance bond typically involves three parties, viz., the principal party or the contractor, the obligee who is protected under the bond, and the surety provider who issues the bond.
When the obligee, also called the employer demands the performance bond prior to a project from the contractor, it essentially implies that the obligee wants a security that there will be no violation to the terms and conditions and set guidelines. Apart from structural guidelines, which include design and description of the project, the bond also ensures that the contractor will work within the budget and finish the work within the stipulated time.
If the contractor finishes the work without violating any of the terms and conditions, then the performance bond becomes ineffective and has no further significance. However, if the contractor fails to meet the guidelines and that results in a loss for the owner, the surety company will compensate, either by paying for the financial losses or by hiring another contractor, and will ensure that the job is completed.
Performance bond Singapore ensures that the financial standing of the contractor has been evaluated so that the contractor doesn’t declare insolvency in between the project. The surety company will analyze financial statements, cash flow, working capital, and net worth to prequalify the contractor. It also scrutinizes prior works undertaken by the contractor and their completion status, equipments and human resource required to execute the project, and also verify the contractor’s relations with suppliers, project owners, and everyone else associated with projects.
A performance bond is not an insurance, it’s a three-party agreement that a project will be completed as per the contract documents, and in the event of a violation of terms and conditions, surety company steps in to ensure that it doesn’t impact the project.
It is advisable that the contract details and the terms and conditions are specified clearly prior to the commencement of the project, and the responsibility, understandably, lies with the owner to furnish the details of the project so that the surety company can evaluate every aspect correctly.
Performance bond Singapore, in short, is a protection for an obligee against any default by the contractor and it also helps the contractor obtain a project.