Did you know pain relief patches work like magic

Did you know that relief patches can work like magic?

People who suffer from chronic muscle pain can rejoice now, PIP pain relief patch is here to give you instant pain relief. The magnetic patch comes in 2 variants, strong and extra strong which you can use depending on the amount of pain you are in. The strong version has a magnetic flux density of 1300 gauss (G) and the extra strong one for extreme cases has a magnetic flux density of 1900 gauss (G).

The patches are odourless and blend into the skin very well while being portable and easy to carry. They are comfortable and do not cause any skin rashes. It is comforting to know that the patches do not have to be taken off while exercising or taking a shower for up to 2-5 days as they are resistant to being detached with water.

Pip pain relief patches are natural and do not contain any drugs. People concerned about the safety of magnetic patches can rest assured as magnet therapy has been in use for centuries. Magnet therapy increases blood flow which speeds up tissue recovery, great for post workout recovery.

A study conducted by a sceptical Dr. Vallbona in November 1997 points towards magnet therapy being viable. Dr Valbona studied 50 post polio patients with painful arthritic joints. He gave active and inactive magnets randomly to participants to strap onto their painful trigger points. When 45 minutes had passed, 76 percent of the active magnet patients reported pain relief while 19 percent of the inactive group reported less pain. These results are very convincing of the results of magnet therapy.

Pip pain relief patches work differently for everyone. For some people they work within minutes and for other people it works within a couple of weeks. Pain relief patches are great at treating lingering sports injuries. Common sports injuries are hurt knees and wrists, a good way to treat them would be to use a pain relief patch. The other benefits of pain relief patches are less stiffness in the joints and muscles, reduced allergy symptoms, more restful sleep, fewer headaches and a feeling of well being. Magnetic treatment has also been used to treat depression with promising results.

With worldwide industry total sales in excess of over a billion dollars each year, it is easy to see that magnetic therapy is widely accepted by many people who continue using it for pain relief.

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