Homework That You’ve To Do Before Buying Any Product

buying-onlineHere is the truth: You might be able to succeed in a niche or field with just free information, but it has limitations. If you want to become a true expert and become a very successful guru, you need to get paid information (purchase products).

If you’re really serious in the particular niche, I’m sure you have ever considered buying some products from other gurus. You’ve also join many gurus’ lists, and they’ve promote tons and tons of products to you.

It doesn’t mean that they’re promoting crap things to you. They won’t promote rubbish to you. They will always promote good products. Although they are really good, bear in mind that not every product suits you. So you need to do some homework before buying a product that suits you.

1. Read The Sales Letter

Yes, this is the single most important step. From the sales letter, you can know what you’ll be getting from that product. Make sure the information can satisfy your needs. This is the most important thing.

2. Search For Reviews

We’ve Google now. It’s very easy to search for reviews of the product that you want to buy. Just type the product name follows with “review” and hit the search button. However, some of those reviews are useless. They just simply write an “overview” and claim it as a review. They just want to promote the product in that way. In fact, you’ve to find reviews that written by people who have bought the product, applied and used the information and have benefited from the product. See what outcomes they’ve got. Most probably you can find those reviews in blogs and forums.

Another great way would be asking for reviews in forums. At times, you might not be able to find those kinds of reviews, but you can create a forum post and ask for comments and opinions from those who have purchased the product.

3. Join The Merchant’s List

Normally, a professional product merchant will build 3 lists with a product:

  • Freebie List (Some freebies (Leaked chapters, introductory manual and etc…) are offered so that potential customers can grab and view before buying the product.)
  • Customer List (This is the list that all the customers will join after purchasing the actual paid product.)
  • Affiliate List (This is the list that affiliates who want to promote this product will join. Merchants will provide all the needed tools and training to their affiliates.)

What you need to so is joining the freebie list of that merchant. An optin form will normally float or pop-out while you visit the sales page, or it’s placed on top of the sales page. Join the list, get the freebie and read the follow-up emails that the merchant will be sending you.

From the freebie, you can actually figure out the quality of the paid product. A good and professional merchant will give out informative and beneficial stuff in the freebie. You can try out the information given in the freebie and see the outcomes that you’ll get.

4. Find More About The Merchant

Does the merchant have any blog? What the merchant has done in the past? Find them out. This research can be held easily. Type the merchant’s name in Google and you can find them out. They might have submitted articles to article directories. Read some of them. If the merchant has a blog, have a look at it. You’ve to make sure that the merchant is really good and experienced in that niche.

After doing the 4 steps above, you can already tell yourself, whether the product is a good product or not, and whether it suits you. Only buy the product if the product gives you the information that you’re finding.