Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations

Public Liability Insurance Can Protect You Against These Situations

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is so designed to provide protection to businesses, individuals and organizations which are non-commercial, from injury claims or damages, which are legally liable. If the business you run is found to be liable for the injury incurred by a person of public or a client, PLI will cover all the claims made. Such claims are made when the injury inflicted is caused by the carelessness of the business.

Public Liability Insurance Offers Protection Against these Situations

Public liability insurance singapore offers protection against the all claims and injuries filed against your business by the plaintiff who can be a customer visiting your business or at the client’s work place.

The crux of PLI is protection against claims made by the customer. The need for compensation arises only when either you or your business is legally found at fault. All costs related to claims are covered by PLI, such as:

  • The cost of damage repair
  • Pay-outs made towards treatment of the injured party
  • All case related legal fees incurred
  • Any claims made by the injured such as ambulance cost, medication and hospitalization
  • Other claim related miscellaneous expenses

Tips on Public Liability Insurance

There are a few preventive measures that go a long way in saving your business from paying an exorbitant settlement:

  • Most damages are caused when the wrong equipment is used for a specific task. It is as simple as cross-checking whether you have the certified instrument in your premises.
  • Training of staff and volunteers can save every business from dealing with a law suit. Lack of training increases the probability of accidents.
  • When dealing with a third- party provider, it is crucial to keep them in the light of all activities undertaken by your company.
  • It is considered as a good practice to maintain a risk register. Identify places where risk can be minimized.
  • All activities must be commenced only when there is a license permitting to do so. Operating without a license or government certification is a crime in itself.
  • A log book of all the assets owned by the company must be maintained.
  • If you run a cafe which serves alcohol and food, be prepared for an increased premium.
  • Every time you host an event, compare prices of single event v/s annual cover.

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