Which Kind of Therapeutic Magnet Should You Use

Which Kind of Therapeutic Magnet Should You Use

Another thing that may have helped to the advancement of magnetic therapy in the market is the ability of the scientists and entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate. They have turned an odd device into something more convenient and household-friendly product. Second, magnetic therapy offers good opportunities for those who want to enter both entrepreneurship and alternative medicine field. Gone are the days of travelling to doctor’s clinic to undergo magnetic therapy because it is now handy and can even be worn as fashion accessories.

If you are looking for pain relief via magnetic therapy, look for PIP Singapore. They are Japan’s #1 Magneto-therapeutic Device and are one of the most established magnetic therapy. Check out their site today.

This works successfully for those who have experienced the healing power of magnet because they have enough confident to offer such to other people. An article from Gulf News Health has shared to us the experience of a long-term user of magnetic therapy.

New Attraction: Magnetic alternatives

From bio-magnetic mattress pads, quilts and pillows to necklaces, bracelets, medical plasters, knee bands and belts, the array of products to treat various symptoms is exhaustive. “The magnetic mattress pad and quilt works for various issues from high blood pressure and viscosity to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis…” Know more about her experience here

There is really no specific place to find therapeutic magnets because it is available to almost anywhere in the world. Or if not, international shipments from other countries are easily made today.  The question left is, which kind of therapeutic magnet should you use based on your condition? Well, the first thing to do is to consult a physician about the pain and ask him whether you’ll need a medication or magnetic therapies can do. However, taking painkillers has immediate effects on the body especially to the liver, kidney and the heart. It is best to choose the latter but beware which ones will work for you.

Therapeutic magnets are largely used in Japan even before. Now, Japanese people are observably has a tool for everything like beauty tools, a round keyboard, and many others. They are also the pioneers in making instant foods—noodles, rice, and other side dishes. In terms of innovation of the magnetic therapy, Japanese people have their own share.

Let us find out in an article from Takaski.

Introduction to Japanese Pain Relief Patches

The moment I felt the slightest pain in my shoulders, my favorite massage parlor was only 50 meters away. Here in Tokyo, I could only dream of doing that. Instead, I’ve become addicted to Japanese pain relief patches or shippu (??) in Japanese. Diamond maybe a girl’s best friend, but shippu is every computer worker’s life savior. Read more here

Our body cells regenerate when we sleep at night between 10pm-4am and it only works when we are in a deep, comfortable sleep. Even if you want to be under magnetic therapy 24/7, you can’t just wear a magnetic jewelry to bed such as necklace and bracelets because it could break or whatsoever. Fortunately, there is now magnetic therapy products designed for sleeping. This type of magnetic therapy makes larger impact than those we do only when needed because our body is being repaired without us minding. You are able to fully relax, and drift into a night-long sleep without thinking that you have something on your body.

For the last article from Healthynewage magazine, let’s take a look on these products.

Magnetic Bedding, Mattress Pads, and Pillows

You can use a magnetic pad on any area of your body where you would like to address discomfort or to improve your circulation. It is easy to use by placing the magnetic pad under your pillow at night for a deep rejuvenating sleep. You can also use the pad for back pain by placing behind your back. Read more here

As you can see, there are a whole lot of products made from therapeutic magnets today and majority of them satisfied the long-term craving for a chronic pain reliever. These products, of course, depend on how much you need the therapy. If it is just an occurring pain from fatigue or a minor injury like sprain, then relief patches will work well enough for you. However, if the pain is chronic and is affecting your factuality in everyday chores, then you can use the magnetic beddings, mattress pads and belts.

The benefits can also be different from one device from another and the best results can be seen when applied properly. Taking good care of the products you use guarantee a consistent positive effects because it is not lost through time. Although magnets react to computers, chip activated cards, coins and mobile devices so might as well be mindful of—or keep the magnets away from those. The rest of the story is the consumers to tell because they are the ones who have experienced and enjoyed the benefits.

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